January 20, 2017

Tesla just took the wraps off a new Model S version with 100 kWh battery. The Tesla Model S 1ooD (not to be confused with the high-performance Model P100D) is now available as an option on Tesla’s online configurator, bringing an unexpectedly low price and record-breaking autonomy. The Model X’s 100D variant has also been added to the roster.

The Model S 100D boasts a range of 335 miles (EPA estimate) or 632 kilometers (Euro estimate). That’s 20 miles more than the P100D and a whopping 39 miles more than the next version, the 90D. The Model S 100D is not as fast as the crazy quick P100D (0 to 60 mph in 2.5s), though at 4.2 seconds it will still out-sprint most cars on the road.

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The new Model S takes the title of longest range EV in the world from the P100D, which was launched last summer. It’s also, mercifully, much cheaper than the $130,000 performance model, at $95,000. That’s just a few thousands more than the 90D version, which is likely going to be retired in the next months.

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