NIO is in Shanghai at the auto show and have a new electric car for us to look at. The ES8 is a seven passenger SUV slated for the Chinese market in 2018, likely to expand to the U.S. and more in 2020.

Perhaps the best, or at least most interesting information is the planned battery swapping for the car. Let’s take a look.

Although not the first vehicle we’ve seen from NIO, the ES8 is the first with definite plans for full production. Matching many other EV plans from manufacturers, NIO plans to put cars into the U.S. by 2020. Despite the long wait, we have some actual information on this car.

The NIO ES8 was announced as a seven seat SUV with two people up front, two int he rear and three in the middle. The all-aluminum body and chassis helps keep things light, and measures at 196-inches in length, with a 118-inch wheelbase. Active air suspension provides a smooth ride, and dual motors, one front and one rear, put power to the road. We were not giving any performance specs, but if they come even close to the power of their other vehicles, it’ll be fast.

The info we really wanted to see, but will have to sit back and wait for, the details of the planned battery swap program. We know that rapid charging has proven far more economical than swapping batteries, but a functioning business model, even if only in China, may help expand the concept globally.

For now, let’s enjoy some images of the new NIO ES8 and chat about the car in the comments below.

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