Europe has some pretty strict standards when it comes to autonomous driving, for a good reason. Cars will need to do a pretty hefty amount of driving on their own before they become registered to be sold on the mainstream market, and with everyone hoping to be the first to have their autonomous vehicles available to all, Nissan is hoping to get their driverless LEAFs approved as soon as possible by testing them on London streets.

The company says that while it hasn’t yet finalized the roads it wants the vehicles to take, it has already made arrangements with the local authorities to have the vehicles drive alongside the public.

The company isn’t new to testing these vehicles on public roads, however. It first tested cars in Tokyo in October of 2015, which expanded into Silicon Valley at the beginning of the following year. London likely won’t be the last place the company tests the vehicle either, but it is quite a step forward to getting fully autonomous vehicles on public roads.

Do you live in London? Look out for these vehicles traversing your streets soon!

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