Google, Intel, and now NVIDIA have all been researching driverless car technologies for a couple of years now, and NVIDIA is the latest company to get its vehicles approved for testing around the state of California.

The company has been waiting to get their tech on the road for quite a while now, and the Department of Motor Vehicles has finally gotten around to adding the company to the list of approved testers. While it’s clear that NVIDIA is not exactly a vehicle manufacturer, they have been working on machine vision technology that allows cars to drive themselves and avoid collisions. In addition to this, the company announced back in September that they are working with Baidu to create an AI platform for vehicles, which should evolve over time to become an incredibly safe and responsive system.

California seems to be very open to the testing of these new technologies. It has granted allowance not only to large companies such as Google and Intel, but has also allowed small startups like Wheego and Valeo to test their technologies on its roads. The market is quickly becoming quite saturated with self-driving technologies, which can only mean good things for driverless tech as a whole.

What once seemed like science fiction is now becoming reality, and these companies are helping to lead the charge to change. I can’t wait for a day when all new vehicles on the market have driverless capabilities, and we can all live is a safer, more efficient world.

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