Perhaps what really got investors excited about electric vehicles, AC Propulsion’s Tzero is now rarer than ever, with two left in the world.

Unfortunate fire destroys Tzero and Tesla Roadsters

If you’ve been following the history of electric vehicles and the history of Tesla Motors, you probably know a thing or two about AC Propulsion’s Tzero and Tesla Roadsters. The Tzero is an all-electric sports car, built in very limited quantities. Martin Eberhard, a Tesla co-founder, commissioned a conversion of the original lead-acid battery to a lithium-ion one and essentially used that to show Tesla Motors’ potential.

Now, there were three Tzero vehicles in the world up until yesterday, but due to an unfortunate fire incident inside a Gruber Motor Company building in Phoenix, Arizona, there are now two remaining in the world. It’s important to point out that the fire itself was not caused directly by lithium-ion batteries but perhaps simply exacerbated by them. The exact cause is unknown, but Gruber Motor says its experimental battery techniques in repairing one of the vehicles may have caused it.

Here is the report from Arizona Central:

A late-afternoon fire that caused the roof of a north Phoenix manufacturing building to collapse on Friday was exacerbated by lithium batteries inside, according to the Phoenix Fire Department.

The blaze started just before 5 p.m. at a manufacturing building near Central Avenue and Deer Valley Road that produces batteries and motors for electric vehicles, officials said. Dozens of units responded as the department sounded three alarms.

Among the vehicles lost in the accident are Tesla Roadsters, one of the earliest Tesla vehicles. Tesla Roadsters aren’t terribly common either, so not only is it predicted that over $500,000 worth of cars went up in flames yesterday, but among them were some of the rarest electric vehicles ever made.

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