If you’ve never heard of the OSVehicle EDIT, don’t panic, they just announced their existence. OSVehicle is the name of the company and EDIT is the modular all-electric self-driving vehicle they are planning to put on roads around the globe.

Unlike most vehicle manufacturers today, OSVehicle has a slightly different plan to approach the market – unlabeled cars for fleets.

Referring to their vehicles as ‘white-labeled solutions,’ the Y Combinator backed project packs multiple vehicles into one. EDIT has a modular design, allowing for easy parts replacement, but more importantly, easy reconfiguration of the vehicle. From cargo hauler to passenger van to small(-ish) car just by changing up the entire front-end, rear-end and/or sides.

‘EDIT’ Self-Driving Car by OSVehicle.

Putting the vehicle into the hands of fleets, the white-label approach means that branding is left up to the fleet’s needs. This goes for insignia as well as vehicle configuration and needs. Self-driving hardware can be excluded in certain markets, for example.

EDIT may not be the electric super car we dream of driving, but the concept lends very well to car sharing programs, like Car2Go, ZipCar and BMW‘s ReachNow. As I say, you may very well ride in an OSVehicle EDIT one day, wouldn’t that be fun?

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