We know the Rimac One is a special piece of engineering. But now the Bugatti Chiron of the electric car world has shown just how good it is by blasting a LaFerrari clean off the drag strip.

The LaFerrari is the absolute apex predator of the motoring world at the moment and it comes with hybrid technology that gives it 789bhp. It’s the benchmark sportscar of the moment, but it has just run into its worst nightmare.

Rimac One, not vaporware after all

The Croatian Rimac One has been around for so long in prototype form that it started to look like vaporware. I personally tried to get a test drive for years without success.

We all started to question whether a team of 150 people in the Croatian town of Sveta Nedelja could really make a world-beating electric hypercar.

But then a real car appeared at the Formula E Championship, Rimac claims to have buyers for six of the 8 $1 million cars it intends to make and it has started work on an even more powerful machine. Crucially, it is also out in the wild and we’re starting to see it actually deliver the performance it always promised.

It’s real and we’re starting to see just how good it is.

What makes the Rimac One this fast?

With independent four-wheel-drive courtesy of four separate motors, 1180lb/ft of torque 811kW (1088bhp) and one of the trickest traction control systems we have seen, this is basically the perfect hypercar.

So now Rimac has to convince the world at large. Videos like this are a good start.

The Rimac warms up with a Tesla Model S in full Ludicrous Mode. Yes, the car that has blown the doors off all manner of Ferraris and Lamborghinis on the strip is just a light snack for the world’s fastest electric car.

Launch control doesn’t help the LaFerrari

Then it’s the LaFerrari’s turn. It has Launch Control enabled, the driver even takes the time to put some heat into the tires. It just does not matter. The Rimac One vs LaFerrari battle isn’t a battle, it isn’t even a squabble. It’s a demolition.

So that is about as categoric as it gets, until Rimac can get a Bugatti Chiron to go against.

Now that is a drag race we cannot wait to see.

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