November 4, 2016

Rimac Concept One

Rimac Automobili is raising finance and wants to  become a supplier of full batteries and drivetrains to OEM manufacturers.

The Croatian manufacturer has already moved mountains to create the Rimac Concept_One supercar and it always said that the main point of the car was to prove the technology. Mate Rimac always wanted to sell components and consultancy services to other companies, having proven his worth with a world-beating car.

Slick tech has made Rimac a hot property

With a team of 150, he has already shown what the company can do and this little Croatian firm clearly punches above its weight in terms of battery tech and outright performance. It’s verging on a race team for the public road and that means Mate Rimac can market its knowledge, patented technology like all-wheel torque vectoring and its manufacturing skills to the wider world.

That is already happening, to an extent, and the Koenigsegg Regera features a Rimac battery pack that it claims is the densest ever on a production car. Now, though, Rimac wants to go further.

Rimac is raising serious money

The company won’t tell us too much, other than that this round of finance should dwarf the $12 million it collected previously and turn Rimac into a viable supplier for household names that simply cannot match the best batteries out there.

Some of the world’s biggest names simply aren’t on the pace when it comes to battery tech. Rimac could certainly fix their issues and it would be intriguing to see a tiny company with an epic car cross over and have a real impact beyond a few records and some awesome Youtube videos.

We wish them well and we’d like to see a lot more of Rimac’s unique technology on mainstream EVs.

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