February 17, 2017

In partnership with Red Bull, Aston Martin is working on a hypercar called AM-RB 001 that will have a hybrid powertrain. The two companies will show off the prototype of the vehicle at the Canadian International Auto Show, which officially kicks off today and will close its doors on February 26.

Aston Martin already shared some interesting details about the AM-RB 001: it looks like the company has partnered up with Rimac, which will produce the battery pack for the upcoming hypercar. Rimac is based in Croatia and is best known for its all-electric Concept One supercar.

Last year, the company said that it wants to become a supplier of full batteries and drivetrains to OEM manufacturers. It also released a short video showcasing its facilities in the town of Sveta Nedelja that include the “secret OEM projects” building we were curious about. I guess we now know at least one of the secret projects the company has been working on.

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January 16, 2017

But there are still some details, like the capacity of the battery pack Rimac will manufacture, that remain a mystery for now. Mate Rimac, the company’s CEO, said that he can’t share any specific details yet, but did mention that working with Aston Martin is a big deal for them.

Aston Martin plans on building a limited number of AM-RB 001 vehicles. Only around 150 will be made, along with an additional 25 track-only versions. But it will take some time before the car will be available for anyone. First deliveries are scheduled to start in 2019.

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