April 18, 2017

Photographer: Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Another day, another problem for Uber, it looks like. The latest to leave the troubled transportation network company is its VP of global vehicle programs.

Sherif Marakby ends his short-lived career at Uber

Marakby isn’t new to the auto industry at all: he worked at Ford for 25 years, rising to become the director of global electronics and engineering. He was poached by Uber just a year ago to become the vice president of global vehicle programs. While at Uber, he also oversaw the company’s ambitious self-driving program, but it looks like that has come to an end.

In a statement, Marakby said, “Self-driving is one of the most interesting challenges I’ve worked on in my career, and I’m grateful to have contributed to what will soon be a safer future for everyone”; however, he did not mention why he was leaving Uber, nor did he provide any future plans.

Uber did not disclose the reason behind Marakby’s departure either, simply telling TechCrunch that “Sherif’s deep experience and knowledge of the automotive industry have helped [them] tremendously in working to make self-driving cars a reality.”

Unfortunately for Uber, Marakby is only one of the many executives who have recently left the company: Uber’s vice president of product and growth, head of communications, and head of AI labs are among those who have quit the company in the last few months.

Bad publicity continues

Uber isn’t exactly new to bad publicity: it started with its CEO Travis Kalanick’s involvement in Trump’s advisory board but also includes dodgy self-driving runs in the US, rampant sexual assault claims, scandalous videos, and to top it off, the recent lawsuit from Waymo. Uber’s conduct caused public anger not too long ago, which led to people deleting the app in favor of other similar services.

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