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Watch GM’s autonomous car ‘cruise’ through San Francisco

GM has released some dash cam footage showing one of its vehicles smoothly navigating the streets of San Fransisco with GM's Dan Ammann in tow.
avatarby David Imel1 day ago0 comments

WiTricity testing wireless charging system for EVs in partnership with GM

WiTricity's new charging system can be deployed as a “floor pad” in your garage as well as installed under concrete in other public or private areas.
avatarby Mitja Rutnik4 weeks ago0 comments

GM delivers first Chevy Bolt EVs to owners living in the shadow of Tesla’s factory

GM has delivered the first three Chevy Bolt EVs to customers in Fremont, California, just a few miles away from Tesla's factory. Coincidence?
avatarby Mitja RutnikDecember 14, 20160 comments

GM to lose $8,000-$9,000 on every Chevy Bolt EV it sells before credits – report

GM can lose up to $9,000 on every Chevy Bolt EV it sells before government credits kick in. That might be the reason for the car's limited initial launch.
avatarby Mitja RutnikDecember 2, 20160 comments

Chevy Bolt EV gets a leasing program in California and Oregon

GM is launching the Chevy Bolt EV with a $309 per month leasing program until the end of 2016 in California and Oregon.
avatarby David ImelNovember 23, 20160 comments

What makes the Chevy Bolt EV a great car? GM’s Steve Majoros explains

We managed to get an interview with GM's Marketing Director Steve Majoros, who has taken the time to tell us just what makes the 2017 Bolt EV special.
avatarby Bailey SteinNovember 18, 20160 comments

Opel Ampera-e, the European Chevy Bolt, set to launch in Paris

Opel Ampera-e, the European version of the Chevy Bolt is set to take a bow at the Paris Motor Show and it's faster than GM's baby.
avatarby Nick HallAugust 28, 20160 comments
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