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Nissan will begin testing its autonomous LEAFs in London next month

Nissan is getting ready to test driverless LEAFs on London streets. Look out for these vehicles if you're staying in the area!
avatarby David Imel2 days ago0 comments

Nissan’s upcoming Leaf EV to come with self-driving technology

Nissan has revealed that its upcoming Leaf EV will be equipped with the self-driving ProPILOT technology.
avatarby Mitja Rutnik2 weeks ago0 comments

Hyundai to release four all-electric vehicles by 2020

Hyundai America’s CEO Dave Zuchowski confirmed that the South Korean automotive company would be releasing four electric vehicles by 2020.
avatarby Brian ReighNovember 17, 20160 comments

Nissan reveals sugarcane van, could the Solid Oxide Fuel Cell be the future?

Nissan is working on a new type of fuel cell that creates electricity from bioethanol called the Solid Oxide Fuel Cell.
avatarby Nick HallSeptember 5, 20160 comments

A performance Nissan Leaf? Don’t bet on it

Rumours of a Nismo-tuned Nissan Leaf, following a CAR magazine interview with the boss of EV Nissan Europe, sound pretty fanciful to us.
avatarby Nick HallAugust 25, 20160 comments
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