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Nvidia made a self-driving car with its Xavier AI chip

The new AI system, which combines Volta architecture and a custom octa-core CPU, learns how to drive by observing a human driver.
avatarby Scott Adam Gordon2 weeks ago0 comments

Audi announces partnership with NVIDIA to bring autonomous cars

The German automaker is working with NVIDIA to develop Level 4 autonomous cars, and these AI powered vehicles are to be on roads by 2020.
avatarby Brian Reigh2 weeks ago0 comments

NVIDIA has started testing its driverless car technology in California

The Department of Motor Vehicles has finally legalized NVIDIA's driverless car technology for testing on California roads.
avatarby David ImelDecember 12, 20160 comments

NVIDIA unveils Xavier AI supercomputer for autonomous cars

At the inaugural GPU Technology Conference Europe, NVIDIA unveiled its new Xavier SoC, designed for use in performance demanding self-driving cars.
avatarby Robert TriggsNovember 29, 20160 comments

NVIDIA launches supercomputer for cars, but Tesla’s is still better

NVIDIA has revealed details of the processor inside the Drive PX2 supercomputer that will power the self-driving cars of the future. Meet Parker.
avatarby Nick HallAugust 23, 20160 comments
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