Tesla Model 3 price and options: What to expect

The Tesla Model 3 is coming, but how much will it really cost to own the base level Model 3 with a sticker price of $35,000? Read about the options here.

by Nick Hall 4 weeks ago0 comments

Tesla Solar Roof: Everything you need to know

by Nick Hall 4 weeks ago0 comments

DJI Goggles review – a new view of your world

by Jonathan Feist June 6, 20170 comments
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You’ll soon be able to monitor Powerwall and solar roof from Model S and X

Tesla will release an app for the Model S and X that will allow users to check and manage the solar products they use when they are in the car.
by Mitja RutnikMay 23, 2017
Electric Cars

Battery upgrade for Tesla Model X 60D now 30% cheaper

Model X 60D owners can now upgrade to a 75 kWh battery pack for $4,500 (was $6,500).
by Mitja RutnikApril 28, 2017

The best electric cars of 2017

It’s a question that crops up all the time: “What is the best electric car?” Of course, it seems like a straightforward question. But if the market confuses you, we're here to help.
by Nick HallApril 25, 2017
Electric Cars

Model X owner involved in fiery accident demands $1 million from Tesla

The Falcon Wing doors of the Model X didn't open after a serious accident, which is why the owner is demanding $1 million from Tesla.
by Mitja RutnikApril 24, 2017
Electric Cars

Tesla delivers over 25,000 vehicles in record-breaking quarter

Tesla delivered just over 25,000 cars to customers across the world in Q1 and produced exactly 25,418 EVs.
by Mitja RutnikApril 3, 2017
Electric Cars

Tesla Model S and X marketed as the perfect company cars

Tesla has launched a new corporate sales page online for its corporate fleet program. It is marketing the Model S and X as the perfect cars for companies.
by Adam MolinaMarch 29, 2017
Electric Cars

Tesla to supply 200 self-driving cars to Dubai’s taxi company

Authorities in Dubai have recently placed an order with Tesla for 200 Model S and Model X vehicles with fully self-driving capabilities.
by Mitja RutnikFebruary 15, 2017
Electric Cars

Tesla narrowly misses 2016 delivery goal due to production delays

Tesla delivered 76,230 vehicles last year, which means it missed its 80,000 sales target.
by Mitja RutnikJanuary 4, 2017

Tesla hides ‘Holiday’ and ‘Mars’ modes in its latest software update

Tesla has issued new software updates that include more than just bug fixes and improvements. Traverse Mars and dance to a holiday light show!
by David ImelDecember 27, 2016

Consumer Reports slams the Model X’s reliability

Consumer Reports has slammed the Tesla Model X's reliability record and dumped Tesla right near the bottom of its rankings.
by Nick HallOctober 26, 2016
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