Audi has recently brought in a major new team member to help boost its self-driving car projects. Alexandre Haag, a former senior program manager of Tesla’s Autopilot group, is now Chief Technology Officer of Autonomous Intelligent Driving, owned by Audi.

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April 24, 2017

Haag’s new gig was revealed via an update to his LinkedIn page. It added that he is going “to develop and ship a full software stack for self-driving cars” at this new subsidiary. Audi previously said that it wants to get its first self-driving cars on the roads by the year 2020. At CES 2017 in January, it announced a partnership with NVIDIA that is supposed to help that goal become a reality. The chip maker has already announced plans to develop software, called AI co-pilot, that’s designed to detect the head movements of a driver to make sure he or she is not distracted while behind the wheel.

Not much is know about Audi’s new subsidiary. Electrek reports that, in addition to Haag, the new company is being lead by Karlheinz Wurm as its CEO, after previously working at Microsoft in its Skype division. Matthias Uttendorfer, who worked directly for Audi as an engineer, has now moved to the new Autonomous Intelligent Driving startup to lead its user interface development.

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