January 25, 2017

Tesla Model S Design

When a person buys a car from Tesla, they have the ability to purchase multiple tiers of self-driving capability. Currently, even if a user buys the “Fully Self-Driving” option, the car will still only use half the cameras available to the software to run the Enhanced Autopilot system. Buyers can enable ‘Fully Self-Driving’ features after they purchase the car if they did not select the option initially, but the company charges a premium for this late decision option.

The new “Fully Self-Driving” software wasn’t set to go live until the end of 2017, especially since Enhanced Autopilot is still being pushed out to users just now. A new tweet from Elon Musk himself however, states that the new “Fully Self-Driving” features will be pushed out to users within three to six months.

Much of this timeline is determined by local law, allowing fully self-driving legalization by area. For example, Michigan just passed a law that gives drivers the right to use software such as this after passing a specific test. While there is likely still a decent amount of testing left to do to make sure these capabilities are completely safe, local law likely needs to reach a certain level of acceptance before the company will want to release the software.

Does your vehicle have these capabilities? Excited for the update? Look for it in the next few months.

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