tesla model s 2

Tesla recently started rolling out its new Enhanced Autopilot hardware, though very few models have gotten the upgrade as of yet. The company was waiting for a specified time to start rolling out the new features that the new hardware allows for, but never exactly disclosed when they would take effect. In a recent conversation on Twitter however, Elon Musk disclosed the approximate timing for the roll-out of the new Enhanced Autopilot’s software:

In response to a question from a man named Edward Sanchez on Twitter who seemed upset about the lack of new software for his already upgraded hardware, Musk supplied a general time-frame for the rollout. From the date the question was asked (November 26th), Musk stated that version 8.1 of the software would start hitting vehicles in “about 3 weeks” and would be distributed “incrementally in monthly releases”. This means that a number of users should start getting the software in mid-December, though an unlucky few may have to wait a few more months to get the latest Autopilot features.

This is exciting news for many users, as the Enhanced Autopilot gives compatible vehicles full self-driving compatibility. We haven’t seen any other vehicles quite yet that are able to sport this feature, so those with the new hardware will be among the first to take advantage of full self-driving capabilities. Only 10 states have enacted self-driving legislation however, so you will have to be traveling in California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Louisiana, Minnesota, Tennessee, Florida, or Massachusetts to be able to actually take advantage of futuristic self-driving technology. More states will likely legalize the self-driving features throughout 2017 however, so living in a non-legal state shouldn’t deter you from picking up the new hardware.

Do you live in any of these states? Are you hoping to get the update in December? Let us know.

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