tesla model s

Tesla is killing it in the luxury sedan market. Earlier this year, the breakout company dropped jaws when they reported that they had shipped 25,202 Model S sedans to US customers last year. This talley meant that Tesla had secured a full quarter of the luxury sedan market, putting it over the likes of Mercedes and BMW. And their growth isn’t stopping.

That’s right. This sleek electric vehicle is racing ahead in sales. According to Tesla, the company’s third quarter sales demonstrate that the Model S is now fully twice as popular as the BMW 7-Series or the Mercedes S-Class. Indeed, even if you combined the two, Tesla still ekes out the win.

In fact, Tesla has almost sold as many vehicles in the previous quarter than they did Model S’s in all of 2015. 24,500 more Tesla vehicles have reportedly already put rubber to pavement in Q3 2016.


Tesla is quickly establishing a reputation for being the vehicle manufacturer of the future. Their new, redesigned Model S that they unveiled in April no doubt provided a boost in sales, but much of their momentum can likely be credited to CEO and real-life Iron Man Elon Musk, who wants the company to produce 500,000 vehicles per year by 2018. Currently, Tesla is on track to sell about 100,000 per year, so a 500% increase in 2 years is no small aim. However, Musk isn’t someone who is often accused of aiming small.

Soon Tesla will be opening up reservations for their Model 3 automobile, which will be their flagship model poised to carry the company through the next few years. Will you be looking into buying one? Let us know your take in the comments below!

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