Tesla Model 3 design

Truth told, we’re looking at a familiar life cycle for a Tesla built electric vehicle. First there is concept, then there is an announcement, then there are sales, and then they start building the things. I jest. Before full production begins on your Model 3, Elon Musk and team will be putting together a beta prototype of the new car.

Getting to basics, a beta prototype, perhaps a small fleet of them, is part of the roadmap for the car. With full production on track to begin in July, the beta prototype Model 3 run is as much to test manufacturing as it is to flesh out the car. The timing is right to begin beta production soon, but we may not get an official look at the cars until closer to final production.

This news comes about through a SEC filing from Tesla, dated Mar 1. It explains that the completion of the Model 3 Beta Prototype is the next performance milestone they expect to accomplish. The filing offers little more by way of vehicle info or production expectations, as it is a financial document.

What we know about the Model 3 so far is that it they have revamped current facilities for Model 3 production in the books, they’ve had supplier issues and that they have tested a Model 3 with 70 kWh battery and dual motors.

We are very excited to see the next stages of the electric car evolution, particularly with self-driving capabilities, and the considerably affordable Tesla Model 3 promises to deliver.

Are you overly excited for a car that, in a manner of speaking, doesn’t exist yet?

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