We have some more Tesla 3 related images to share with you. Another release candidate has recently been spotted on the road near Tesla’s headquarters in Palo Alto. The blue version of the car actually passed a Model S at one point, giving us a great look at both EVs side by side. You can check out the images in the gallery below.

Additionally, Tesla has released a brochure called “Online Training for Tesla Approved Body Shops” that gives us a glimpse of the Model 3 body-in-white. Thanks to the image, we can see what the body of the car looks like before it gets fitted with other components and hits the paint shop.

The Model 3 is scheduled to go into production in July and has proven to be quite popular among consumers so far. Tesla’s most affordable EV to date starts at $35,000 and has already received over 400,000 reservations. With its release, the company’s delivery numbers are expected to skyrocket.

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April 30, 2017

To get ready for the future, Tesla will open up almost 100 new service, delivery, and sales locations across the globe over the next year. Additionally, the EV maker plans on adding 100 Tesla Mobile Service repair trucks just in the next quarter.

When it comes to production, the plan is to make 5,000 units of the EV every week by the end of 2017. This number is then expected to increase to 10,000 sometime next year. As of now, everything looks to be going according to plan, which means that Tesla will be able to make good on its promise of kicking off deliveries of the Model 3 this year.

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