Tesla Model 3 design

We really only just finished talking about how Tesla was building Beta Prototypes of the new Model 3 electric car. Here we are, days later, talking about how the next stage, release candidates of the Model 3, are soon to be hitting the road. Pretty exciting.

There have been skeptics of the opinion that Elon Musk and Tesla Motors Inc. were running way behind schedule for the expected July production start of the Model 3. Looks like Musk is ahead of the curve for traditional car manufacturing ideology again.

In a call with investors, Musk mostly talked money, following up on the discussion of raising $1 billion to keep up with Model 3 production. The Model 3 production schedule entered the conversation, suggesting we are a couple weeks from seeing the latest Model 3 builds on streets.

Perhaps we are reporting on the same builds of the Model 3 here. “Beta Prototype” is a term used more for a car that is built carefully, and somewhat by hand, to prove the car and little more. The designation of “release candidate,” as I say, may be for these same build of cars.

Tesla is approaching things a little bit backwards, and that might not be bad.

Tesla has ultimately skipped a step in traditional manufacturing here. Maybe that’s incorrect, perhaps I should say that Tesla is approaching things backwards.

The idea of approaching things backward, of skipping a step of traditional manufacturing is actually fairly exciting for me. I’ll go out on a limb here to suggest that the technique at play is superb. With Tesla prioritizing a focus on building the systems that build the car, instead of on the car itself, time and money are saved.

Simple enough, perfecting the manufacturing process, theoretically, perfects the car. Tightening variances and tolerances for parts and build quality certainly make for better cars. Considering how tight the finances are on this $35,000 car, Tesla can’t really afford to screw this up; reducing the number of issues off the manufacturing line speaks to a world of automotive quality that I want to be a part of.

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