October 29, 2016

Tesla Mercedes crash, Model S kills E Class and hits dealership building

Tesla and Mercedes have been on a collision course for a while now, but nobody could have seen this one coming. A Model S has crashed off the road, launched into the air, flown 30 feet and landed on top of a Mercedes E-Class on a dealer’s forecourt.

It’s an almighty crash and all we can really do is appreciate the safety features on both cars that kept this from turning into something much worse. We can also sit and ponder how the Model S driver got this so badly wrong.

This accident in London, England, is actually pretty perplexing. The Model S must have left the roundabout at high speed, launched straight over the kerbs, ridden over the top of the Mercedes and then smashed into the dealership’s windows where it finally came to a stop.

We might hear about a sudden acceleration event, or the owner might just confess to driving like a hooligan and getting caught out by the Model S’s large frame. The Tesla boasts outstanding traction off the line, in part due to the weight of the battery packs.

When cornering, the two separate motors and advanced computers can meter the power to provide an effective form of traction control. But everything has a limit and when the car is cornering, under heavy g-force, and it hits the limit of the tires’ grip then a heavy four-wheel-drive car will snap out of line hard and it can be nigh-on impossible to get it back under control.

This driver certainly didn’t and now he’s well on his way to becoming an internet sensation for all the wrong reasons. He also crashed it into the ‘Smart’ side of  the Mercedes building, so we think the internet is going to have some fun with that one…

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