No need to panic, but Tesla is issuing a voluntary recall to replace a small gear in your Model S or Model X parking brake system. 53,000 vehicles are affected, and chances are, if you’ve got one of the cars, you’ve already seen the email notification from Tesla.

A relatively quick fix on a problem they are certain does not put your safety at risk. Look for the official recall info and repair scheduling info from Tesla sometime between now and October.

The problem itself is a small gear within the system, built by Brembo, a third-party vehicle brake system manufacturer. The gear may have been improperly manufactured, and is prone to failure. If the gear breaks, your parking brake system will fail to release. Tesla has seen no incident of this failure locking brakes on a moving car. This is also an independent system from your main brakes, it will not prevent you from bringing your car to a stop on the road.

As it sits, the worst case is that your Model S or Model X will be stuck wherever you parked it. This is a huge nuisance, to say the least. I have had a similar thing happen to me on an old car I had. Luckily my car locked up at my house, but I did not have a Brembo to pick up the repair bill, you will.

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Vehicles in the recall were manufactured February 2016 to October 2016. Tesla says that less than five percent of the total 53,000 vehicles under this recall will have a faulty part, but they are all getting fixed, just in case. Brembo is a trusted brand, this is just one of those hiccups that should never happens, but hey, it happens. At least this recall is not the result of any accidents or lives lost.

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