We all knew it was coming, but now Tesla has officially unveiled the 100kWh battery pack and an eye popping set of numbers that show the electric Model S is now the fastest production car in the world and has a 315-mile range.

Really, the Tesla Model S P100D will do 0-60mph in just 2.5s, according to the latest information. That’s faster than the Rimac Concept One. It leaves the likes of the Lamborghini Aventador trailing meekly in its wake and only the LaFerrari and Porsche 918 Spyder have posted faster times. Both of those are sold out and were produced in limited numbers.

Even the SUV is crazy fast now

The Tesla Model X P100D will blast through the 60mph mark in less than 2.9s, which is almost disturbing for a seven-seat SUV. This is fast taken to a whole new level.

“For the first time, the fastest accelerating production car in the world is an electric car,” said Elon Musk. “I think this sends a great message to the public about the future of transportation.”

Tesla wants to produce 200 P100Ds a week and you can place your order for both the Model X and Model S right now. As Tesla has just broken through the 2000 vehicles, that means that Tesla expects the P100D models to make up 10% of its overall sales now.

As the P100D is complex to produce, Elon Musk has already told us not to expect the lesser 100D for months, but at the price he has chosen then that might not be so much of an issue. It really isn’t a big price hike for the performance and range as a new Model S P100D costs $134,500 and the Tesla Model X P100D costs $135,500.

You can upgrade, but you don’t have to

People with an order for a P90D Ludicrous can still take delivery of the car they ordered, or they can upgrade to the P100D equivalent for $10,000.

Tesla can also upgrade your car if you’ve taken delivery of a P90D for $20,000. It’s a whole new battery pack and Tesla will take the 90kWh unit to the Gigafactory for recycling, so it’s a better deal than it sounds.

It’s the same battery cell as the P90D, but Tesla has fitted new electronics, a new cooling system and new pack architecture. The firmware to manage the P100D was already in place and the news broke because hacker Jason Hughes found a P100D graphic on his own car’s system.

Musk reckons this is as far as he can go without a complete revamp of the battery pack, but then he does have a factory for that. “We are quite close to the theoretical limit,” he said.

Range anxiety, what’s that?

The range is another stellar feature on the P100D and the 315-mile quoted is a genuine EPA figure, so there’s a good chance that the Model S P100D can return the previously reported 380-mile range if you turn down the wick. The Tesla Model X P100D, meanwhile, comes with a 289-mile EPA rating.

This update puts the Tesla at the top of the pile when it comes to performance, range, just about everything. It’s now a practical hypercar and it’s getting even harder to find a chink in its armour. Musk also clearly stated on the company blog that the buyers of the top-end P100D models will essentially pay for the development of the Model 3.

So even if you can’t afford the P100D, celebrate the fact that it’s here.

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