January 28, 2017

Image credit: Paul Corson

It seems the technology world is never void of lawsuits and scandals. While Facebook and Oculus are busy dealing with issues of their own, it seems that Tesla has just as big a problem on their hands.

Tesla is now suing its former Autopilot director for theft of information related to its self-driving technologies. According to the company, ex-director Sterling Anderson used Tesla computers and information in order to start his own self-driving company, called Aurora. He also apparently attempted to recruit at least 12 Tesla employees while still employed by the company.

Court documents allege that Anderson worked with ex-Google self-driving director Chris Urmson on the project, and even worked at the Tesla workplace on company time to do their work. Anderson apparently continued to recruit Tesla employees after his dismissal on January 2nd of this year, which violates company contract.

While Tesla says they aren’t at all set out to halt personal ambition, they do not take information theft lightly, and are looking to pursue this lawsuit to the fullest extent.

Dramatic, yeah? We’ll have to see how this case plays out over the next couple of months.

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