Tesla has big plans for its solar roof tiles, which look like typical shingles found on most houses. However, the company knows that some consumers don’t need or want a new roof, but are still interested in generating solar energy for their homes. If you fit this description, you’ll be happy to hear that Tesla has quietly announced new solar panels, which are made by Panasonic.

The new solar panels are already listed on the company’s website, although Tesla didn’t share all the details regarding them with the public yet. It did tell¬†Electrek that the new modules (325W) will go into production this summer and will only be used by them. This means that they won’t be sold to third-party installers.

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February 23, 2017

This wouldn’t be a Tesla product if it didn’t offer something new and different. The company’s solar panels look a lot nicer when compared to the competition, as they have a sleek, low-profile design with no visible mounting hardware.

Elon Musk understands that looks are important, even when it comes to solar panels. The CEO once said that a lot of homeowners don’t want to go solar just because the panels that are currently available don’t look very nice.

Tesla has already started taking requests for custom price quotes on its website. As already mentioned, the production of the solar panels is expected to kick off this summer, so you’ll have to wait for at least a few more months before you’ll be able to get them mounted on your roof. They will be made at the Gigafactory 2 in Buffalo.

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