SolarCity to unveil new tool on October 28th

Tesla-owned energy services company SolarCity is now hiring workers for its factory in South Buffalo, New York. SolarCity announced plans for the solar panel factory two and half years ago but is now seeking to hire entry level workers to begin production there in 2017.

SolarCity acquired the plant from the state two months ago and has since made and agreement with Panasonic to manufacture solar cells and solar modules there, as well as produce Tesla’s upcoming solar roof products.

The company already has around 40 employees in Buffalo but has pledged to hire a further 1,460 workers for the plant.

With regard to the number of position SolarCity was looking to initially fill, Kady Cooper, a spokesperson for SolarCity, told Buffalo News: “We don’t have a final number for the first wave […] we’re trying to assess what the entry-level landscape looks like first,” adding, “The pay range is at market value and comparable to other local companies in the are.”

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The factory is said to be the largest solar panel production facility in the Western Hemisphere and could produce almost 10,000 solar panels each day once it reaches full capacity.

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