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Tesla Model 3 price and options: What to expect

The Tesla Model 3 is coming, but how much will it really cost to own the base level Model 3 with a sticker price of $35,000? Read about the options here.

by Nick Hall June 23, 20170 comments

Tesla Solar Roof: Everything you need to know

by Nick Hall 4 weeks ago0 comments

DJI Goggles review - a new view of your world

by Jonathan Feist June 6, 20170 comments
The Best

DJI Phantom drones guide: what you need to know

The DJI Phantom is one of the most iconic lines of drones in the air. Let's explore the offerings in this Phantom drone guide. Phantom 4 Pro and Advanced included.
by Jonathan Feist3 weeks ago

Tesla Powerwall: Everything you need to know

Tesla's Powerwall could change the world we all live in and help convert us from energy consumers into producers. Here's everything you need to know about the Tesla Powerwall.
by Nick Hall4 weeks ago

Tesla Solar Roof: Everything you need to know

We take a close look at the Tesla Solar Roof price, installation cost, tile models, and other things you should know before taking the plunge. This post will be updated regularly.
by Nick Hall4 weeks ago
Modern Transportation

The best electric skateboards

You've got a lot of options if you want to jump into the world of electric transportation, but electric skateboards are some of the most fun. Here are the best options.
by David ImelJune 16, 2017

Best drones under $500: the mid-range quadcopters that won’t let you down

Flying drones as a hobby can get expensive. Sticking to a budget, here is our list of the best drones under $500. Solid quadcopters for your needs. Updated with Spark and Breeze.
by Jonathan FeistJune 15, 20172

Everything you need to know about the NIO EP9

The NIO EP9 has just stormed to a new lap record on the Nordschleife. Here's everything you need to know about the new Chinese EV hypercar.
by Nick HallJune 13, 2017

10 hybrid cars you can probably afford

What are the best budget hybrids on the market in 2017? If you've got $50,000 to spend, or much less, check out out picks of the best affordable hybrid cars on sale.
by Nick HallJune 10, 2017
Modern Transportation

The best electric scooters on the market (2017)

There are quite a lot good electric scooters on the market, ranging from very affordable to extremely expensive. So which is the best electric scooter for you?
by David ImelJune 9, 2017

Pure awesomeness: Top 10 EV classic car conversions

Classic cars that have been converted to electric power are about as cool as it gets. Here are 10 of the best classic EV conversions.
by Nick HallMay 21, 2017
Electric Cars

10 EVs you should probably NOT buy

Some 'modern' EVs are so far behind the times they belong on the scrapheap. Here are 10 electric cars you just shouldn't buy.
by Nick HallMay 4, 2017
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