Update: Business Insider reports that Uber has now resumed its self-driving car tests in all of its US locations.

Original Story: The bad year for Uber continues as the ride-sharing company has now indefinitely suspended its self-driving car program. The decision was made to ground all of its autonomous cars in the US after one of its vehicles was involved in a crash in Arizona on Friday.

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Uber’s ‘self-driving’ cars still need a lot of human driver help

March 17, 2017

The police report indicates that a driver of another car failed to yield and crashed into the Uber Volvo car while it was in self-driving mode. The Uber car did have a human inside in the driver’s seat. The car ended up flipped on its side. No one was reported as being seriously injured as a result of the crash. An Uber spokesperson told TechCrunch it made the decision to suspend the self-driving program in Arizona, along with its other two test locations in Pittsburgh and San Francisco, while it conducts an investigation.

Uber launched its self-driving program in Pittsburgh in August 2016, and expanded it to Arizona in December. It also added cars with self-driving features to San Francisco in January, but technically those cars are for mapping, with the self-driving tech disabled.

This latest speed bump for Uber is just the latest in a string of recent problems for the company. They have included Alphabet’s Waymo unit filing a lawsuit against Uber in February, claiming the company stole Waymo’s self-driving technology. Uber has called the lawsuit’s claims “baseless”.

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