March 20, 2017

Uber sets up shop in Detroit

Uber just lost one of its top-level executives. Jeff Jones, who joined the company in October 2016, has called it quits. According to Recode, the decision to leave is related to the controversies going on at Uber, which include charges of sexism and sexual harassment, among others.

Uber has confirmed Jones’ departure by issuing a statement thanking him for his six months at the company and wishing him all the best in the future. Jeff Jones shared his reasons for leaving the company. He simply said that his beliefs and approach to leadership are inconsistent with those he saw and experienced at Uber.

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March 17, 2017

Jeff Jones was the CMO at Target before joining Uber, where he served as the president of the company. It looks like he became unsatisfied right after Uber’s CEO Travis Kalanick announced he is going to hire a new COO, who could potentiality outrank Jones. Decisions like these can spark conflict which, according to people who have worked with the now former president of Uber, isn’t something Jones likes.

It looks like Uber has been experiencing quite a few problems lately. In addition to losing Jones, the company has received some bad press after a former female engineer published a blog post saying she was sexually harassed during her time at Uber. Since then, the company fired its engineering head and lost a few more members of the team including the head of product.

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