Electric vehicles are all the hype, but consumers still find themselves hesitant to delve into this new market. There are multiple reasons for this, but the main concerns are definitely charging times and driving range. You don’t want to be stuck in a desert road with no juice, right?

Charging station availability is on the rise, but it’s not good enough to comfortably take a long road trip; at least not in most places of the world. This is why car makers like Volkswagen, Ford, BMW, Daimler (Mercedez-Benz’ parent company), Audi and Porsche are teaming up to build a network of fast chargers across the European continent.

These chargers can power vehicles at up to 350 kW, which is significantly faster than chargers we currently know. The plan is to begin deploying these stations in 2017, with an initial amount of 400 sites. They will then install “thousands” of quick charging spots by 2020.

A recent study by Clean Technica and EV Obsession claims 91,300 plug-in electric cars were sold in Europe during the first half of 2016. This would be a 21% increase over the same period in 2015, but those are still not the numbers the industry wants to see. Especially when there is a large push for more environmentally friendly cars, with some countries offering great incentives to create a future with more electric cars. One of them is Germany, which agreed to a 1 billion Euro financing package to drive more electric car sales.

I, for one, don’t feel comfortable purchasing an electric car just yet. I leave the city often and go on the most random road trips. We know not everyone does the same, but having the ability to is important, especially when you are spending dozens of thousands of dollars on a vehicle. Partnerships like this will be paramount for driving more sales in the future.

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