Volkswagen wants us to forget about emissions and emissions scandals.

In the opening of the Paris Motor Show, the German giant unveiled I.D., an impressive fully electric concept that will act as the “ambassador” of a range of more than 30 electric cars.

When it hits the road in 2020, I.D. will be able to go for 250 to 375 miles (400 to 600 kilometers) between charges, claims Volkswagen. The car, which bears stylistic VW hallmarks like the large frontal badge, looks a bit like a Sirocco, though the two-tone coloring, luminous accents, and perforated grillage on the front give it a futuristic flair.


The I.D. will be the first car built on Volkswagen’s new Modular Electric Drive Kit platform, which is built from the ground up for electric vehicles. The engine will be mounted at the rear (in contrast to the frontal placement in competitors like the Bolt EV) and will be able to put out 125-kilowatt (168 hp). The power will come from a flat pack of batteries mounted beneath the floor, and this setup is said to provide more room for passengers than the compact build of the car would allow with an ICE.


Volkswagen I.D. is set to go in production in 2020 and the manufacturer hinted that its price tag will be on par with Golf models of similar performance and equipment levels. Despite its futuristic looks, the I.D. is not just an experiment. Volkswagen says it will be a high-volume model, and, if the promised range and price materialize, we’re inclined to believe that the I.D. will sell very well indeed.


By 2025, Volkswagen wants to equip the I.D. with autonomous driving capabilities. When the system, which is dubbed I.D. Pilot, will be engaged, the steering wheel will recess into the dash, opening up even more space for passengers. Volkswagen has been parsimonious when it comes to details about I.D. Pilot, so it remains to be seen exactly what this autonomous driving system entails.


Getting back to the (near) present, Volkswagen also revealed that its current electric model, the e-Golf, will receive a battery boost in the 2018 version, that will allow it to hit a 186 miles range (European standards).

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