VW electric car

At this stage of the game, you’ve probably encountered electric vehicle charging stations in your city. Whether Tesla branded or just a generic electric car plug-in, there are chargers popping up all over. VW is getting in on the next wave of vehicles, planning to populate California with several tiers of chargers.

Working with the Electrify America initiative, VW will help setup chargers across the state, including the high-speed 320kW DC fast chargers. These chargers should be able to fill your battery in under half an hour.

Volkswagen has pledged $2 billion to establish a charging network in the United States, their efforts in California now will tally up about $800 million. However, this is all in a proposition stage, things are subject to change.

Charging stations will range from approximately 7 kW chargers in ‘long term’ parking locations, such as your work or school parking lot. 50 kW chargers will land at your local mall, 150 kW chargers will bridge the gaps with the 320 kW fast chargers likely to mirror Tesla’s Supercharger locations along major highways and popular long distance travel routes.

As mentioned, this initiative will work with other charging facilities, putting multiple vehicle charging plugs and standards into a single station, with the minority of the chargers being the VW branded fast chargers.

The plan will see these chargers installed in the next few months, adding to what is promising to be a big year for electric cars.

Do you believe manufacturers should create a standard EV plug and charger system, to be as ubiquitous as current fuel systems, or are you accepting of proprietary charging?

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