At the TechCrunch Disrupt event that took place a few days ago in London, Volkswagen announced a new mobility services company called Moia. Its aim is to provide mobility solutions in traffic congested cities through on-demand multi-passenger, electric-powered shuttle services that users will be able to hail via an app.

Ole Harms, the CEO of the newly founded company, said that mobility within a certain city is the lifeblood of an urban environment. Moia’s mission is to act as the heart in this scenario, meaning that it wants to make sure that the traffic runs as smooth and fast as possible.

The company will start its mission on the old continent and plans to launch its services in two major European cities by the end of 2017. It will be based in Berlin, but will also have an office in the German city of Hamburg.

Moia also sees an opportunity in China, where mobility issues are causing a lot of problems for people. It’s planning to open up an office and eventually launch its services in the country soon. The same goes for the US, but no time frame has been given as to when Moia will start doing business in the land of the free.

Moia currently has 50 employees and has already secured funding, which was provided by their parent company, Volkswagen. Moia plans to increase its workforce to around 200 staff by the end of next year and aims to become one of the top three mobility providers within the next decade.

What do you guys think about mobility solutions like these? How useful do you think they are?

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