VW already has a compact car and a microbus in its I.D. concept family, but it looks like the company might be adding another: an all-electric CUV.

VW has ambitious plans to compete in the EV market: the German automaker wants to build over 2 million all-electric vehicles a year starting 2020 and hopes to unveil 30 models by 2025. It’s been giving us a glimpse into what those future vehicles might look like under what the company calls “I.D. concepts.” There is a compact car that apparently will have a NEDC-rated range of 250 to 375 miles, and there is an odd-looking microbus which will supposedly have 270 miles of electric range.

Now, it’s gearing up to add yet another member to the family – this time a sporty crossover. Not much is known about the vehicle, but judging by the teaser image unveiled by VW, it certainly looks more “conventional” than its compact car and microbus siblings. However, what’s interesting about this vehicle is that it will be fully autonomous when “autopilot mode” is enabled. Indeed, that’s the term that Tesla uses for its self-driving technology, and car makers have tended to stay away from using that term.

Although we will have to wait until next week to learn more about this vehicle at the Shanghai Motor Show, don’t get too excited just yet. These vehicles won’t be commercially available until 2020 at the earliest. In the meantime, however, here’s an official description of the upcoming concept CUV by VW:

The CUV of the I.D. family was conceptualised as a sporty, interactively designed zero-emission all-rounder – with electric all-wheel drive that is just as impressive in the urban environment as it is on the rough terrain covered in an adventurous and active lifestyle. A long driving range on the same level of the range of today’s petrol powered cars makes it suitable for long trips. Like the I.D. and I.D. BUZZ, this concept car can also drive fully autonomously. All it takes is a light push on the VW badge on the steering wheel to activate this autonomous mode. The steering wheel retracts electrically into the cockpit where it forms a single unit with the displays and controls that have been implemented fully digitally.

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