In the near future, the next car that you call to pick you up from Lyft might be a self-driving vehicle from Waymo. The two companies have confirmed they are working to help develop autonomous car technology.

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April 26, 2017

The New York Times first reported on this new partnership between the ride-sharing company Lyft and Waymo, the self-driving car subsidiary of Google’s parent company Alphabet. In a statement, a Waymo spokesperson said that working with Lyft would help its autonomous car technology to “reach more people, in more places.”

There are few details about how this new partnership will actually work. The story says Lyft and Waymo will collaborate on “pilot projects and product development efforts” but there’s no word on when these projects will actually begin, nor which cities will be a part of these pilot efforts. The financial details of this partnership have also not been revealed.

This new team-up comes after Waymo launched a huge lawsuit against Lyft’s biggest ride-sharing competitor Uber. Waymo filed the lawsuit in February, claiming that Uber has stolen some of its proprietary self-driving technology to use in its own autonomous vehicle efforts. Uber has denied Waymo’s allegations, calling them “baseless”. Last week, a judge asked the US Attorney’s Office to investigate Waymo’s claims, while also placing a temporary injunction on part of Uber’s self-driving program.

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