November 2, 2016

Tesla Model X

After months of teasing us, Elon Musk has basically confirmed that Tesla Glass exists. That’s all he’s saying right now, though, so it’s time for us to hopefully look into the future and see if we can second guess one of the most forward-thinking companies on the planet right now.

Musk has now confirmed that the company has a “glass technology group” that will work with the cars and SolarCity’s new solar roof that comes with quartz glass tiles with increased strength and shatter resistance, as well as class-leading transmission.

Predicting Tesla’s next move is a thankless task right now as the company keeps taking giant leaps. Now it has the money flowing in to plough into the next big thing, there’s almost no limit to what it can do. But we can take educated guesses.

No instruments in Model 3?

There have been rumors, suggestions and insinuations that the Model 3 would come without an instrument binnacle. The only way that can happen is if there’s an integrate Heads Up Display. Now we don’t need special glass for this, other cars have had HUD display units in the dashboard for years, but it’s reasonable to assume that the HUD is part of the process.

Quite what form that HUD will take is another matter entirely. It will almost certainly be more advanced than BMW’s unit that includes SatNav, your speed, the speed limit and a suggested safe distance to the car in front.

Part of the game with Tesla, though, is looking ahead. When cars are fully autonomous and we don’t need a full view of the road ahead, what then?

Could your car be a cinema?

Then the windscreen of your car can become a movie theater, a computer monitor or, maybe, a fish tank. The glass can take on a life of its own. A drive through downtown Detroit could become an underwater journey along the Great Barrier Reef, or even a tour of old Detroit complete with an Augmented Reality tour guide.

Mike Pilliod, one of Apple’s leading materials engineers, has taken over as the director of Tesla Glass and he knows a lot about touchscreens and handheld devices. So the future, when the car does the tiresome task of driving, should be way more entertaining than anything Tesla Glass has to offer right now.

Rest assured, though, that Tesla Glass is going to be epic.

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