The future of electric vehicles looks bright. WiTricity, the Boston-based company that is developing wireless charging systems, announced a partnership with General Motors (GM) last week. The two companies will work together in order to develop and test an advanced wireless charging system for electric vehicles.

The new charging system can be deployed as a “floor pad” in your garage as well as installed under concrete in other public or private areas. So, instead of plugging in your EV, all you have to do is simply park it above the pad in your garage or at a charging station. The vehicle will then automatically and wirelessly start to charge. Nice!

According to the company’s press release, the system works across all plug-in electric vehicle platforms and is capable of charging both battery electric vehicles (BEVs) and extended range electric vehicles (EREVs). Quite a few big names in the industry are interested in the technology, as WiTricity has already announced licensing agreements with a few companies including Toyota, Delphi, and BRUSA.

As of now, the technology is still in the development phase and is currently being tested on a hybrid Chevrolet Volt. We don’t know exactly when it will hit the market, but we expect that it will take some time for it to become consumer-ready. We also don’t know how much will a charging system like this cost if you’ll want to install it in your garage at home. But don’t worry, as soon as we get more info on this topic, we’ll be sure to let you guys know. Stay tuned.

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