Budnitz has revealed what it claims is the world’s lightest bicycle, together with a $3,950 price tag that has reverberated around the world.

The company specializes in high-end bikes and this Model E is certainly packed with technical excellence. The frame is made from Cro-Moly steel and titanium and it comes with a carbon-fiber belt instead of a traditional chain. It’s powered by a 250W Zehus Bike+ electric motor matched with a 30V Lithium-Ion 160Wh battery that is neatly packed in the hub of the rear wheel.

Up to 100 miles of range

The bike can reach speeds of 15mph and gives you up to 100 miles of range, or as little as 20 miles, depending on the terrain and speed. That means it can easily cover the commute to work. It even has slope sensors that give you a big push up steep hills.

We think that electric bikes have a bigger part to play in the EV revolution and it’s a serious growth market. So far we simply haven’t seen a large take-up, but electric bikes are an obvious answer for urban transport.

If access to cars is limited then the general population might feel safe enough to use one of these for the daily commute to work. In London, people can hire the Santander Bicycles, also known as Boris Bikes, from stands placed around the capital.


Bikes could work, if the planners insist

The scheme has been a success, but urban planners hold the key to the electric bicycle market. If cars are banned from city centers, which is a real possibility in some forward thinking countries, then the population could easily take to two wheels. Then we’d have a clean, lightweight approach to transport that would cure inner city congestion at a stroke.

Not everybody will have a Budnitz, of course, and this is effectively the Bentley of the electric bike world. That means other people will want it, too, and bikes are easy to steal. So it’s good to know that this bike comes with a hub locking feature that should help to keep it safe while it’s parked outside.

It’s a hefty price, but it’s an elegant bike with a lot of design touches that enthusiasts will love. It’s cheaper than a motorbike, too, and for urban commuters it’s just as effective.

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