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Taser International looking at ‘stun drones’

Police in the US are already considering the options and you could find yourself fried by a stun-gun toting flying machine.
avatarby Nick Hall10 hours ago0 comments

A Ukrainian autonomous armored car? Yes please!

This machine started out as a Ford F-550, but by the time the Ukrainians were done with it then it looked like a Mad Max nightmare. Meet the KrAZ Spartan.
avatarby Nick Hall12 hours ago0 comments

Your DJI Mavic Pro drone is shipping now

DJI is shipping the Mavic Pro, a highly anticipated drone with 4K video. A mid-October shipping date passed, leaving some worried, but orders have are going out now.
avatarby Jonathan Feist12 hours ago0 comments

Opinion: Elon Musk needs a reality check on media coverage

Elon Musk really put both feet in it when he claimed that the press is killing people when they write negative stories about Autopilot.
avatarby Nick Hall23 hours ago0 comments

NextEV tests new 1360bhp supercar on the Nordschleife

Chinese start-up NextEV promised us an electric supercar and now it's testing this 1mW creation at the old Nurbugring.
avatarby Nick Hall24 hours ago0 comments

Tesla’s self-driving tech – the details

It’s time to take a step back and look at exactly what Tesla did reveal, yesterday, in a messy announcement regarding its autonomous tech.
avatarby Nick Hall2 days ago0 comments

Tesla turns Autopilot off! Until December…

While new cars will be fitted with Level 5 autonomous hardware, Tesla will disable some of the features we already have right now.
avatarby Nick Hall3 days ago0 comments
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