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Charged is an independent online publication covering the intersection of transportation and technology. Electric vehicles, self-driving cars, drones, green power, battery technology, and space exploration are just a few of our major topics.

Charged is part of the Android Authority family. Established in 2007, Android Authority is a leading mobile technology website, YouTube channel, and community that reaches more than 30 million technology enthusiasts every month.

Charged is a sister site of Android Authority, together with Sound Guys, Tab Times, and VR Source.

Our goals and aspirations

We offer timely news, in-depth comparisons, helpful guides, reviews, and drive tests. We aim to establish Charged as the reference online destination for modern transportation.

We believe that the future of transportation is green, smart, and integrated, and we’re dedicated to promoting and spreading awareness of the developments that bring us closer to this future.

Our values

Honesty, respect, and hard work are at the core of everything we do. We aspire to build a community of modern transportation enthusiasts that share these values.

The team

  • Bogdan PetrovanManaging Editor Bogdan has been covering technology for six years. He is one of the managing editors of Android Authority and hopes to take Charged to the same heights. His interests include autonomous vehicles, artificial intelligence and space exploration.
  • Nick HallSenior Editor Nick’s career as a journalist, blogger and copywriter spans 19 years. He has contributed to Automobile, Super Street and European Car, worked as staff journalist in Formula 1, and covered technology for consumers, in some form or another, forever.
  • Jonathan FeistEditor Jon’s background in IT has translated into a successful stint at Android Authority, TabTimes, and now Charged. His technology knowhow is only matched by his passion for customization. On Charged, Jon covers electric cars, green power technology, and more.
  • Joshua Vergara – Videographer Josh honed his videography and product reviews skills over years of covering the mobile industry. Now he’s bringing his expertise to the field of mobility and green technology.
  • Bailey Stein – Videographer Bailey has a keen eye for a video and a keen interest in technology. He’s successfully combining these qualities on Android Authority and Charged.
  • David Imel – Contributor David Imel  is a 21 year-old technology enthusiast hailing from Smartville, Califorina. He moves a lot so he’s probably not really living in any one place. David loves Android, Writing, Computer Hardware, Mechanical Keyboards, Super Smash Brothers: Melee, and many other geeky things.
  • John Velasco – Editor Storyteller, ongoing health nut, persistent complainer of running, & religious flosser.

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