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My passion for Android and appreciation for tablets are just the tip of my love of gadgets and technology. Recently I've been taking to the skies, quadcopters and other drone form factors are so much fun. Always looking for a great place to fly.

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Modern Transportation

Drone or airplane – either way, autonomous aircraft could save us money

Natilus is building a prototype of an airplane-sized cargo hauling drone. Faster than a boat, cheaper than an airplane, amphibious craft uses best of both.
by Jonathan Feist2 hours ago
Electric Cars

NIO EP9 electric car Nürburgring lap video released – watch it here

Watch the NIO EP9 race around the Nürburgring in the fastest time of any electric car. The sounds of an electric race car are a new music to the ear.
by Jonathan Feist18 hours ago

How should we track and police drones? DJI has a proposal

DJI has a recommendation to balance pilot privacy, public safety and law enforcement of UAS, or drone flight. The FAA UAS Symposium is under way.
by Jonathan Feist24 hours ago

Cheap drones guide: what you need to know about drones that cost less than $100

First time flying a drone? Join us for our best tips and tricks to choosing a trainer quadcopter and what to do before you fly. Best cheap drones included.
by Jonathan Feist3 days ago

Drone death match coming soon, for science

Delft University wants to make drones smarter and safer, so they're hosting a death match event to crash and smash drones. Entertainment and science.
by Jonathan Feist3 days ago

Tesla Gigafactory aerial photos give sense of scale

Aerial survey company takes photos of Tesla Gigafacatory 1 in Nevada. A massive facility producing Powerwalls, Powerpacks and electric car batteries.
by Jonathan Feist3 days ago

New McLaren F1 coming in 2019 with hybrid technology

Most powerful hybrid hyper-car is coming. The 2019 McLaren F1 pays homage to the original F1, adds hybrid powertrain and new carbon fiber chassis.
by Jonathan Feist5 days ago

6 fun drones you can control with your smartphone

Control quadcopters and more with your mobile device. Here are our favorite drones that you can control with your smartphone.
by Jonathan Feist6 days ago
Modern Transportation

Wright Electric thinks they can get electric airplanes off the ground

Announcing plans for a full electric airplane, Wright Electric hopes to put a 150-seater in the air, or at least settle on a hybrid system for battery life.
by Jonathan Feist7 days ago

2017 New York Drone Film Festival winners include Parkour and Star Wars

These are the videos and photo that won at the 2017 New York City Drone Film Festival. 10 videos and 1 photo took top honors, will you win next year?
by Jonathan Feist7 days ago
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