March 16, 2017

There’s something for everyone at the 2017 Motor Geneva Show, whether you’re a real gearhead or just looking for the next family car. But whatever you prefer, chances are the cars you’ll really want to hear about aren’t even in production – and some of them never will be. 

It’s concept cars that tend to steal the show, thanks to their reckless disregard for things like production costs, practicality, and sometimes even common sense. 

If your favorite concept car flavor is electric, you’re in for a treat. Here are the most interesting electric concept cars we’ve spotted at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show.

#6 IED Scilla


Number 6 on our list is definitely the most futuristic concept we’ve seen in Geneva. Created by a group of Italian design students with help from design house Pininfarina, Scilla is a vision of what cars from 2030 might look like. It looks like a movie prop, something you would see in a TRON sequel. 

The Scilla was envisioned as a plug-in electric, fully autonomous vehicle that lets the driver disconnect from the daily grind while speeding down the highway. It may not be even remotely realistic, but the Scilla definitely caught our eye.

#5 Nissan Bladeglider


Nissan’s Leaf EV has been rather successful, but let’s face it, it’s kind of boring. The Japanese company needed a concept to show that it too can design a sexy electric vehicle. Enter the Bladeglider, an all-electric three-seater designed for the racetrack that can hit 190 km/h and accelerate to 100 km/h in 5 seconds.

It’s not exactly new, but this time around Nissan enlisted Hollywood star Margot Robbie to make sure it really got our attention. Margot took the Bladeglider for a midnight race around Monte Carlo and our interest was instantly piqued. 

It might not ever be mass-made, but we hope some of the Bladeglider’s DNA will carry over in future Nissan production cars.

#4 Vanda Electric Dendrobium


You’ve probably never heard of Singapore-based Vanda Electric, but you might be familiar with Formula 1 legend Williams. The two companies teamed up to create the Dendrobium, a one-of-a-kind electric monster that can reach 320 km/h.

The Dendrobium is a vehicular cyborg. It mixes cues from high-tech motorsport with biological elements, like the doors and roof that open up like an orchid’s petals.

On the inside, you’ll find the same batteries that power Formula E cars and all the racing-inspired technology you could ask for.

If the Dendrobium becomes anything more than a one-off concept, it will command a seven-figure price tag. Let’s just hope the reaction from Geneva is good enough to make the project happen.

#3 Pininfarina H600


Some of the other cars in this roundup seem out of this world, but we can easily see the Pininfarina H500 become a production car, albeit a very expensive one. If that happens. the Tesla Model S or the Lucid Air could face some serious competition.  

Marrying Italian design flair with mechanics supplied by Hong Kong company Hybrid Kinetic System, the H600 has style in spades and over 800 horsepower, enough to propel this roomy sedan to 250 kilometers per hour. No mean feat for a car that weighs around two tons and is five meters long.

A micro-turbine range extender supplies extra power to the electric motor and batteries. Thanks to this hybrid powertrain, the H600 can give you 620 miles of stylish driving on one tank. 

#2 Bentley EXP 12 Speed 6e Concept


Out of all the cars on this list, Bentley’s EXP 12 Speed 6e Concept is probably the closest to mass manufacturing. Not only it looks like a real production car – admittedly, a very extravagant one – it also has the Flying B badge up front, which pretty much guarantees that people will line up to buy it.

The EXP 12 Speed 6e is Bentley’s first full EV. The British brand made no secret of its plans to eventually go full electric, so the EXP 12 can be considered a sign of things to come.

Combining a beautiful all-white body with a luscious burgundy red interior, the car is choke-full of lovely details, including copper accents and knurled metallic controls. High-tech elements include OLED touchscreens and camera instead of the rear-view mirrors.

The car will charge wirelessly, though other details from under the hood are kept secret for now. This being Bentley, we have a feeling we won’t be disappointed.

#1 Techrules Ren


Another newcomer out of China, the Techrules Ren looks wicked cool and wicked fast from just about any angle.

The Ren is a hybrid beast that uses twin turbine gas engines to feed power into a bank of Li-ion battery cells. The battery is just 25 kWh, but thanks to the turbine range extenders (and 20 gallons of diesel), the Ren can go for up to 727 miles at a time. Raw power is out of this world: 1287 horsepower in the top configuration, which includes six electric motors: four in the rear, and two in the front.

You think that’s overkill? It might be, but it’s hard to argue with the figures this setup makes possible: Naught to sixty in 2.5 seconds and a top speed of 320 km/h.

Only 10 units of the Techrules Ren will be manufactured every year and each one will be hand-built in Italy. Hard to get more exclusive than that.

There you have it – what’s your favorite electric concept on the list?

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