Californian EV sales were up by a massive 91% in Q1 of this year and that has to be a good sign for the industry.

The LA Times reported that Plug-In Hybrid sales have increased by 54%, too. Now we can’t get too carried away. In California, 13,804 EVs and 10,466 Plug-In Hybrids have hardly made a dent on the 506,745 overall vehicle sales.

But with that kind of growth in forward-thinking California, it could be a solid indicator we’re homing in on mass adoption.

The Bolt is largely responsible

Chevy started taking orders for the Bolt, selling 2,750 in the State, and Tesla continued taking pre-orders for the Model 3. At the same time, would-be Tesla customers realized they might not get the full tax break on the Model 3 unless they ordered early.

So, we may have seen a sales spike that could settle down in the coming months or this could be the start of a larger bell curve.

More choice could ignite EV sales

We’re going to be spoilt for choice with a wealth of new EVs hitting the market soon and that choice, increased range and practicality could mean that EVs take over sooner rather than later.

Whatever the case, California has managed to cultivate an EV culture that is growing all the time. That has to be a good sign for the rest of the country too.


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