As the trend continues to put electric motors into the typically human powered personal transportation devices around, Moar has taken electric bicycles to the next level. Combining several form factors into one, I mean, three mean machines.

The Moar Bikes Sun & Fun, 24/7 and Rapt are a trio of ebikes that will help you put a dent in your map. A folding frame, extra wide tires, 500W – 750W electric motors, 7 – 9 speed gearing, headlights, taillights and turn signals and range up to 85 miles on a charge. That was a mouthful, but deservedly so, the Moar ebikes are looking pretty slick.

Before you get too excited, this is an active Indiegogo campaign, so there is always risk, but the Santa Monica, California company has already met their funding goal with a full month left in the campaign.

Running down the spec sheet, there are three models in the lineup.

Sun & Fun

The Sun & Fun is a the low end model, packing a 500W axle mounted motor with 10Ah battery and 7 gear Shimano de-railer. At 69 lbs, this tail and turn light equipped fat tire bicycle will carry you up to 30 miles on a charge at speeds up to 25MPH. Should you decide to assist, you can petal along and gain up to 50 miles per charge.

Pricing for the Sun & Fun kicks off at $999.


Treating the Sun & Fun as the entry level electric bicycle, the 24/7 model bumps up the specs a bit. You’re now looking at a 13Ah battery, an 8 gear de-railer, 69.5 lbs of weight, a top speed of 25mph which will take you 40 miles on battery power alone, up to 65 mile range if you kick in a little peddling. There is also an added LED headlight.

The 24/7 model starts with a $1199 price tag.


Changing things up in a big way, the lower models place the motor on the rear axle, the Rapt instead has a motorized petal shaft. That means that the power from the motor is assisted better through the 9 geared shifter. At 71 lbs, the Rapt packs a 17Ah battery, travels up to 28mph, and can get 50 miles on its own, up to 85 mile range when you do a little peddling.

The big one, if you’ll allow me to call it that, will run you $1999 as a starting price.

As we say, the Indiegogo¬†for the Moar electric bicycles is already underway and funded. Be sure to hit the Indiegogo campaign to snag the version you like best. I would never want to rush you, but these prices are for the campaign, they’ll near double by the time the Moar units land on store shelves later this year.

Is a fat tire, folding, electric bicycle the travel tool you’ve been waiting for?

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