The DJI event will begin in a few hours – 11:30 AM EDT.

Stay tuned for our coverage, we have boots on the ground, a camera rolling and we’ll be bringing you all the details as fast as the internet will let us!

Watch the DJI launch event live stream right here.

If you have not heard the news, DJI is hosting a big announcement in New York on May 24, using the slogan Seize the Moment. We have no official word on what is coming from the show, but we have some rumors and our own speculation.

We’ve already shared the rumors on a new small drone, and the supposed leaked images of a quadcopter called the DJI Spark. We’re feeling confident that’ll be a thing, but what else will there be?

Stay tuned for frequent updates to this article, we’ll share each and every new leak or rumor we come across. Let’s see what’s new.

DJI Spark

DJI Seize The Moment teaser video

There is only so much we can glean from this video, but, if we assume that we’re looking at footage from the DJI Spark, I’m pretty pleased with the video quality at least. Weaving through tight spaces, DJI may be implying that we have a racer on our hands, but the video never moves all that fast. I have had doubts since day one that DJI was working on a racing drone, they are too much of a camera-centric company to convince me that a racing machine is coming soon.

One thing is for sure, the machine that these lucky folks in the video are holding is small and flies with ease.

I do not see any controller to speak of, perhaps this machine has automated flight controls, just release it into the air and it will handle some basic follow-me tracking flight. A personal request: DJI, if you are listening, utilize the same remote control as the Mavic Pro. Plenty of us already have it, and those that do not may be inclined to upgrade after flying a smaller Spark-like machine.

We are pretty excited for a DJI Spark, or similarly named small and inexpensive machine. We think DJI should price it around $300. $400-$500 is getting into Phantom 3 series price-range, which we still think is a smart purchase.

Last, DJI makes a bit of a deal about social in this video. No doubt they’ve been building amazing networks for users to view and share the best drone videos, and now stream them on your TV at home. We can’t imagine that this new drone will directly live-stream to the various online services, but an update to the DJI GO 4 app could certainly add that in.

Certainty level: 80%

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Update Spark is live:

The DJI Spark is live, check out our early coverage, or just pick one up today for $499 alone, $699 with the Fly More bundle.

Other drones

We are very confident that DJI has at least one new drone to announce in New York, but could there be more? We think so.

DJI Spark is the name being thrown around for a small sized flier, sounds good, we’ll take two.

Update: How about a pure selfie drone?

I’ve been analyzing all of the details thus far, it occurred to me early on that DJI may be throwing us off our game by allowing images of the Spark to leak. Truth is, one line in the video above got me thinking, I have concluded that DJI will be releasing a crazy machine, something that doesn’t look like a drone, but that flies and has a good camera. The Spark looks portable enough, sure, but I have toy drones smaller than that, they do not help me seize any moments, at least not with any spontaneity.

This is obviously a huge guess, but I say we are about to see something completely new from DJI. I say we are about to see something that will make us echo that one line in the video “No, it flies?!?”

Certainty level: 75% (I’m certain we’ll see something fun, at least.)

Phantom 5


It’s time for something new. The basic release schedule of the Phantom series leads us to believe that the Phantom 5 is possibly on deck. Perhaps not ready to release to the public, but an official announcement at least.

Updating from the Phantom 4 Pro will not be easy, but full 360 degree collision detection is a start. Upgrading the camera would mean something better than the 20 MP, 1-inch CMOS sensor with 4K video recording found on the Phantom 4 Pro and Phantom 4 Advanced.

We’re semi-confident DJI could treat us: 50% chance

Inspire 2 Pro

Just like the other drones in the DJI lineup, it may be time for a little update to the Inspire 2 as well. Don’t get us wrong, we thing the drone is top notch, but we also think DJI can improve.

First, the new M200 series drones have an option to hang two cameras to tackle multiple needs simultaneously. We say the Inspire 2 can handle that gimbal system. I realize now that it’s not an update to the drone that we want, it’s an update to the cameras that may be in order. The Zenmuse X5S is a highly capable micro four thirds camera with 5.2K resolution and up to 4.2 Gbps data speeds. I’ll leave it to your imagination as to how that can be upgraded.

Do we think there will be an Inspire 2 Pro at this event? 25% chance.

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Mavic Pro 2 or Mavic non-pro

We dislike the idea of a downgrade just as much as we like the idea of an upgrade. The Mavic Pro is one of our favorite machines, it still has new accessories rolling out, we’re still waiting on the latest to arrive in the mail – the DJI Goggles.

If we were to see a new Mavic, an upgraded camera would certainly be welcome. The current 1/2.3-inch sensor is good, but we’ve obviously seen better images out there. An updated battery would be amazing as well. The current flight time is great, but we can always use more.

A Mavic Pro 2 could have a higher top speed, improved collision detection, that updated camera sensor, maybe interchangeable lenses and built-in support for hanging accessories. Specifically, I have a 360 degree camera that I want to fly with.

How likely are we to see a new Mavic? 10%

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M200 series

I know the M200 series drones are already announced, but they are not yet up for sale. Let’s change that. Read more about the M200 series drones here.

Accessories and services

With no rumor to run on, it is pure speculation that DJI may announce new accessories or software to get the most out of our drones. We know that they have been hard at work creating new stuff, a lot of which does not have propellers.

Personally, I’d like to see a tool to live-stream video from the drone to a large display. Yes, I know that most of DJI’s hardware can stream via HDMI cable, I’m talking wireless here. The DJI Goggles are almost exactly what I’m looking for, but I want the ability to share the flying experience with more than one person at a time. DJI’s OcuSync is very powerful, give us a few more tools to use it.

DJI’s new Smart TV App puts some of the best drone video on the big screen in your living room. Sounds good, but how about a Chromecast type device that accepts that OcuSync stream, and has a microSD slot to immediately play back your recent flight footage. We’re aware of the DJI HDMI Output Module, let’s upgrade that.

Wrap up

That’s where we are at right now, a long list filled with more wishes than expectations. The event is on May 24 at 11:30 am EST. Visit us then, we’ll be bringing you the news and info from the show as fast as we can write it up.

We will be at the show ourselves, so be sure to hit the comments below if there are any questions you’d like us to answer.

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