A Tesla Model S owner was recently involved in a serious accident that, thankfully, left him and his passenger unharmed. The driver, who wishes to remain anonymous, had high praise for the EV after the accident and credits the Model S for saving his life.

Here’s what happened. While driving a little bit too fast in Berkley, California, a deer suddenly appeared on the road. The driver swerved to avoid it and went off the road, tumbling 500 feet down a cliff. The vehicle ended up upside down and was severely damaged on the outside. However, the interior of the EV remained intact.

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April 19, 2017

The roof of the Model S didn’t cave in, despite the fact that the sunroof got detached midway down the cliff. Thanks to the strong roof, the two individuals in the vehicle were not injured, apart from a few bruises. “It felt rock solid to me and I feel lucky to be alive because of my Tesla”, the driver said after the accident. You can check the damage done to the car in the gallery below.

The man behind the wheel is now already thinking about getting a new Tesla, as his current one is more or less destroyed. He also recommends driving more cautiously, especially at night, on the mountain roads where the accident took place.

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