We all know that Tesla is hard at work getting the Model 3 ready for the road, Elon Musk has re-affirmed that July is the date. We now have the expectation that the final unveil and the beginning of full production will by in July.

That’s not all, Musk has been vaguely forthcoming with additional electric car plans, specifically for trucks.

In a series of tweets on the matter, Tesla’a head honcho offered up very short answers to users’ question. One question was simple, “Timeframe for Model 3 final unveil?” to which Musk simply responded “July.”

Two preceding tweets answered two other big questions, when are the trucks coming? In terms of Semi trucks, Musk congratulated his team, saying they’ve done an amazing job, expect an announcement in September. The next truck, a passenger pickup truck, Musk says we can expect an unveil in 18 to 24 months.

This information comes at the onset of the New York Auto Show, where many of Tesla’s competitors are busy talking about their own electric plans, unveiling some concepts and ready to roll EVs of their own.

Stay tuned for more New York Auto Show coverage, and of course, more on the vehicles that Tesla plans to bring to market, like the Model 3 and maybe a new Roadster.

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