January 5, 2017

The new Alexa integration will not only allow you to ask for nearby cafes, but it’ll also let you control your home right from your car.

The other way around, from car to home

Alexa was born in the Amazon Echo, but since its introduction, it’s become sort of omnipresent. Other home assistant devices have Alexa built in, and a lot of automakers are taking advantage of that by letting drivers turn on their cars through a voice command and things like that. Indeed, so far, it’s mostly been a home-to-vehicle type of deal where Alexa at home would communicate wirelessly with your car outside.

Well, Ford wants to change that. The car giant is hoping to have it the other way around where Alexa lives inside your car as well. Embedded right inside Ford’s SUNC 3 infotainment system, the virtual assistant will be able to answer your questions, give you location-based suggestions, and control your home remotely. And all this is done simply by pressing a dedicated button inside your Ford.

As you can see from Ford’s (extremely awkward) video above, the driver will be able to make requests of connected smart devices or functions of Alexa simply by talking to the virtual assistant.

Voice controls and the future of smart cars

There is a reason why so many car makers are looking to integrate virtual assistants – especially Alexa – into their cars. Instead of having to do it yourself, everything is done with voice commands, something that can reduce distraction while driving.

According to Ford, the Alexa integration is set to start rolling out around this summer although Amazon Echo-connected cars will be available much sooner than that. Ford Focus Electric, Fusion Energy, and C-MAX Energi all work in conjunction with your Echo device. Amazon will be optimizing its software for the Ford integration, so we are excited to see what other features will be present once the technology formally launches later this year!

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