If you are a fan of the new electric racing series Formula E, you may have seen some of their race car delivery trucks, built by Charge in Britain. These are full electric trucks that look like nothing on the road today, but they’ll look largely like their commercial equivalents, due to hit the roads in 2017.

Charge is pushing forward with full electric delivery trucks, ready to support shipping fleets on any level. While the vehicles start out as driver controlled units now, they are fully equipped for unmanned operation, ready for the laws to allow it.

Veering from the traditional heavy duty, large, noisy and sometimes diesel puffing dirty of the average delivery truck around the globe, the Charge initiative is to all but turn that on it’s head. Focusing on building quiet, clean and safe electric trucks, and buses for that matter, the real key to the potential success of an electric vehicle is the price point, which Charge says will ‘be in line with conventional trucks.’

From a more technical perspective, you’re looking at lightweight composite materials that reduce the overall weight of the vehicle significantly. Booting around town should get you in the ballpark of 100 miles on a charge, producing no emissions. If your needs are greater, there is a dual mode system available that tops up the battery for a full range of about 500 miles. It only takes a small liquid fuel powered generator to pump some juice into the batteries, no need for a full engine to do the task.


Available in sizes ranging from 3.5 tons up to 26 tons, the first production factory will open in early 2017. With an estimated production time of just 4 hours per truck, Charge expects to be able to scale up to meet any fleet size and needs.

Check out the video below, this is the prototype truck put in use for the Formula E, it’s not exactly what you will be able to deliver sausages in next year, but it sure does look glamorous for a delivery truck.

Hit the comments and let us know if a full electric delivery truck sounds like a good idea to you, better yet, are you ready to see driverless delivery trucks scooting through the streets?

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